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Practice Start-Ups (Starting New Clinic)

I am opening a private or group practice or adding a second location and I need help managing the start-up, hiring staff, select and EMR, gaining financing, marketing and setting the clinic up for success.

Practice Ramp-Up (Marketing For Doctors)

I have a new or established practice in need of ideal patients. I need to grow my patient volume, fill my schedule and grow my practice without cheesy or sleazy marketing techniques.

Practice Fine-Tuning (Customer Service)

I have an established and successful practice with plenty of patients. I need to fine-tune my staff's abilities and encourage better patient retention and turn our patients into raving fans.

Practice Expansion (More Profit not Hours)

I have a very successful practice, full of ideal patients and raving fans. I need to find ways to maximize care and revenue with my current patient load in order to expand my profit not my hours.

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