Audrey McLaughlin, RN

"Growing your practice as a sustainable, successful and authentic business requires more than treating and diagnosing patients."

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If you're brand new to Physicians Practice Expert, you may be wondering where to start. It all depends on where you are in your practice. Read below to determine where to begin.

Practice Start-Up

I am opening a private or group practice and I need help with various tasks, training and setup.

Practice Ramp-Up

I have a new or established practice in need of new patients. I need to grow my practice patient volume and my referral base. I need to get more of my ideal patients.

Practice Fine-Tuning

I have a successful practice with the perfect amount of new ideal patients. I need to fine-tune my staff's training to encourage better patient retention.

Practice Expansion

I have a very successful practice, full of ideal patients and raving fans. I need to find ways to maximize care AND revenue with my current patient load in order to expand my practice.

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